Finding my Interior Inspiration in TV and Film

By Talissa Bailey

May 16 2019

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Inspiration can be found anywhere if only you look. Interiors are not my only interest in life, I am also a massive movie buff. What’s better than grabbing some popcorn, putting up your feet, and watching your favorite show or film? A film or show made to feel like you’re transported into another world. A world you wish was yours.  

But what if it could be? I still remember in my late teens watching season 4 of ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ with Billie Piper and falling in love with her home. I was so in love with the set that I even paused the TV to get a more detailed look. The English style interior was all white with a mix of traditional and modern pieces. It immediately created an emotional response and I knew that this is what I wanted to have for myself. It was only the backdrop in the show, but it left a large impression, and it is now evident in the choices I make in my styling and design. So, below are some suggestions on how to take your favourite TV show or movie interior, and recreate it for yourself, but first I’ll show you my influences.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

The look that inspired me. All whites, inviting bedding, romantic looking, and has a softness. Lot’s of curves and a little bit of ornate decoration on the furniture.

My own purchases:

Scream Queens: Chanel 3’s Bedroom

Not only was this show co-created by Gwyneth Paltrow’s current husband (swoon), but every time Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy create a TV show together the homes are just a dream, both inside and outside!

It’s a great comedy/horror show, but on a serious note the Sorority house is my dream home.  A very regal look to the room which is created by the use of a tall bedhead and formal lamps. Matches Chanel’s princess like demands perfectly.

A very regal look to the room which is created by the use of a tall bedhead and formal lamps. Matches Chanel’s princess like demands perfectly.

Here’s how you get the look:








Keeping up with the Kardashian’s: Penelope Disick’s Bedroom

Who doesn’t love binging on their favourite reality show? The Kardashian’s homes have been featured in magazines such as Architectural Digest and Elle Décor and it’s no wonder!  I have always loved watching their show just to get a look at their stunning homes.

I happen to think that Penelope Disick’s bedroom is amazing. It would really suit people of all ages. It has a chic, warm and modern look, with it’s amazing neon light and beautiful velvet upholstered bed!

Here’s how you get the look:

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Lara Jean’s Bedroom

Good news folks, Netflix is making a second film! All rejoice. When watching this movie, the first thing that captured me was the beautiful Hampton’s exterior of Lara Jean’s house. Then I saw her bedroom and I was blown away.

A shabby chic/vintage look meets a today’s-teen vibe.

This room is unique, it stands out, and is expressive.

Here’s how you get the look:

Fifty Shades Darker: Christian Grey’s Dining Room

Christian Grey is not the only eye candy in this film. His Seattle penthouse in the second movie is also extremely desirable. The set designers perfectly captured the characters dark, sexy, and rich vibe and reflected this in the interior. This is a style that would suit all genders and is the essence of sophisticated modern living.

Here’s how you get the look:

An easy way for you to replicate the look of your favourite set is to print out a still from the show and look for like items on the Internet.

 If you would like me to give you a hand to source similar items to re-create your favourite film or tv set, and importantly those that may be a better match for your budget, contact me through my website.  This service is FREE for the month of MAY.

Til next time, Talissa x

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