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For Sale Styling

  • Staging

    In a competitive housing market, home styling for sale is a way to maximise the price you get when you sell your home. Creating a consistent style and mood as you move from room to room, is part of what gives a home personality and creates a vibe that makes people want to stay.

    Big & little details

    Styling your home for sale involves re positioning furniture, and adding little details that have a big impact. As an experienced interior stylist, Talissa is an expert in creating beautifully styled interiors, balanced by welcoming vignettes in kitchens and lounge areas. Flowers, plants, candles and accessories are the detailed elements that bring elegance and sophistication to a space.


    If you need assistance with styling your home for sale, Bai can help. We're happy to work with different budgets to achieve a better sale price for your home.


    We work with our clients furniture and accessories, and if needed, can supplement with add ons for extra impact.