Safety First

By Bai Interiors

Jan 23 2019

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Safety and security are basic human needs. They are actually very important to me. As a single girl it may seem contradictory that I would continually want to sell each home I buy, and remove the safety and security of being in my own home.

People I chat to seem perplexed. The news that my house is being listed for sale sometimes elicits concern from people that I am removing the security of having a home. ‘Why are you selling? I love your home!’ ‘You haven’t had it for long!’ ‘You’ll pay interest/selling costs’. ‘You’re gonna lose a lot of money’.

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Well, I am also a believer in the need to continually work to make myself even more safe and secure. My current goal is to continue to look for good investments that help me to build my wealth, which will then allow me to own my own home outright. This will certainly give me the feeling of being secure.

I bought my first property at 20. At 24 I sold the property. The profit wasn’t amazing, however it did add a good chunk of change to my quite modest deposit. With this money in hand I bought my second property, which I sold a year later, adding a good deal to my property purse. I then used this to purchase my next property. Now at 27, I just listed my third home for sale. I hope to again be able to achieve a good profit when it sells.

I don’t want to be 70 years old, stuck in a job I hate, still working to pay off my mortgage. Now I am in no way saying this is easy work. It is not for the faint of heart! However, it’s very easy to be put off an idea, because of other’s well-meaning advice. While it may seem that taking risks works against achieving safety and security, with hard work, persistence and passion you will be continually building on your original foundation.

So, in response to all those who have asked me why, this is why I love my home and then list it!

Til next time.
Talissa Bailey

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