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By Bai Interiors

Feb 07 2019

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Sentimental Objects in Interior Decorating - Melbourne

For my 18th birthday my Grandparents gave me a book.
I was so excited at the prospect of receiving a book because I am such a book nerd. It wasn’t until I opened it up and discovered on the inside page that this was in fact a book my Grandpa had received from a teacher when he was in grade 5. I can still remember tears springing to my eyes. It was a beautiful childhood story with a well-worn blue cover. I truly don’t think my Grandparents realised at the time how grateful I am, and how much I valued this gift. It is especially sentimental now that my Grandpa is no longer with us.

When I took my gift home, I was unsure what to do with it. It seemed far too special to just add to my bookshelf amongst the other mix of books. I also knew that laying it down to display it was not going to do it any justice nor protect it from dust. So I started looking online for ideas.

The inscription in my precious book.
The book was given to my Grandpa in 1948.

I stumbled upon an amazing display box that hangs on the wall. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one on Australian websites. I considered paying to have one shipped here however these sites didn’t offer shipping to Australia, or when they did, I found the shipping costs were way too high. So, I waited patiently and continued to search online. Eventually Ikea and Pottery Barn in Australia became valuable sources.

I chose a white frame to put on my white wall, knowing that the contents would then become the feature. I now have my book purposefully on display. Every time I go past it, I smile and think of my Grandpa. It adds a lovely personal touch. I now feel that this is no longer just a house, but is my home. Full of things that I feel sentimental about. Maybe you could consider it for your own sentimental items?

Cheers Talissa

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Above is my clients home. We picked up some shadow boxes from Ikea with the idea of showcasing their Venetian Mask’s which they had picked up on a overseas holiday.

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