Why I Chose A Pop Colour Front Door

By Bai Interiors

Sep 05 2018

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Stick to your guns.

I will take you back to 2013, the year I convinced my bestie (after much hassling) to go to Europe with me. It was a glorious two-and-a-half-month trip. I learnt so much and it really opened my eyes to the world.


One thing that really caught my eye as I travelled, was all the beautiful pop colour doors throughout England, Scotland and Greece. I think it was from this moment that I knew I would have to have a pop door in my home.

My goal for the new house I was building was to make sure it was unique, and not the same as everyone else’s home. In my street, everyone’s vibe is very much brick/render and modern lines. So now I had decided how I was going to set my house apart from the rest.

Selling My Idea

First though I had to convince my co-owner (my sister). At first, she was not impressed. She is the more practical, less creative, one of us and she just couldn’t see my vision. So, I jumped on Pinterest to send her some pictures that would help her visualise my dream. The photos won her over.

Eventually I managed to convince my sister. She was finally onboard. So the next difficult decision was trying to choose a colour we both liked. I was pretty hell bent on a dusty or pastel pink for the door, while my sister wanted a blue. We were stuck. So, I began to try and find colours that would be a compromise for both of us. Two options we came to were coral and mint. After some back and forth between us, mint was the winner! Yayyyy

Now we just had to get approval from the Estate Developer. Until we got this I was an absolute nervous wreck, hopeful that they wouldn’t dash my dreams. But they didn’t. We got approved, so our door was given its new bright coat. It was love at first sight!

The only thing I wished I’d done differently is to have painted both sides of the door. We had left the interior side white to match the walls inside. My sister resides in the front of the house and at the time of the decision she was still unsure about having colour in the space. Looking back, I wished I worked harder to convince her. It would have continued the playful, fun and happy vibe the front door throws off.

Nearly a year down the track, I can say without a doubt that the front door is one of my favourite things about this home. It adds so much personality. Even when I come home from a really hard day it always brightens me up a little just looking at it. Plus, it’s always handy when someone’s visiting or the pizza delivery guy can’t find us. I just say: “Just look for the house with the mint door!”

Shop The Look


The winning paint colour: Dulux Otto Ice

Back up paint colour: Dulux Mint Twist

Front Door Knocker

Small Victorian Door Knocker from Schotts (ours was the chrome version)

Door Knocker from Early Settler.

Front Door

A classic front door from Corinthian Doors.

Complete The Look

Coir front door mat from Target.

Planter box from Interiors Online.


External wall sconce from Beacon Lighting.

Feel free to contact me if you want help deciding on your choices.


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