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Melbourne is the home of style. Bai is quintessentially Melbourne – an interior stylist, and lover of design and beautiful objects. By creatively combining colour, pattern, materials, furniture, and objects, your Bai interior stylist will help you reimagine your home. If you’re unsure of where to begin, our detailed design process helps you discover your personal style. We help open up new design directions by utilising your most loved pieces. As for budget, we’ll take a staged approach, if you need to keep your budget in check.

How We help

Finding Your Signature Style

Talissa Bailey, from Bai is known for her sensitive and personal approach. Bai never dictates a design direction, preferring to start by working with the items in your home that you love. This comes from a highly personalised approach to interior decorating where concern for the environment and personal story is central.


Our Difference

:: We fit in with your Budget

At Bai we’re not about having to have a Hollywood budget.Your Bai interior stylist will work with a range of budgets. We can even develop a comprehensive design plan and work in stages to complete your project.

Environmental concerns with preservation and re use, have influenced styling trends to see beauty in imperfection. Many people have sentimental pieces in their homes that don’t fit within the latest design schemes. At Bai we can give those elements the place they deserve in your new design.

Preserving Your History

Talissa has a love for research and understanding the history of heirlooms and beautiful objects. We'll research the history of your sentimental pieces and help choose colours, textures and motifs that bring it to life in your new interior styling scheme.

When Old Meets New

Having older pieces of furniture or sentimental objects doesn't mean you have to have an 'old' style home. We love reimagining spaces by combining contemporary design elements with your sentimental pieces, for an amazing result that is completely unique to you.

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Whether one room, or your whole pad needs styling, why not book a free consultation. Take the plunge and reimagine your beautiful new space.

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