How to easily DIY your Letterbox that will improve your curb appeal

By Talissa Bailey

May 01 2019





There’s nothing that upsets me more than seeing a beautiful home with an ugly letter box out the front, looking like it’s been forgotten, tacked on to the end of the fence. The numbers written on the letterbox with permanent marker. Your letterbox is an extension of your home and many people won’t be aware of the world of change it can make to their curb side appeal. The most important aspect of it is that it matches the design of your home. This means, colour scheme and materials are important. Most people see a design they think will suit their property and don’t buy it because it doesn’t match, however with a bit of DIY and an hour of your time you can make this work. To do our own, we used a letterbox purchased from our local hardware store. It was off the shelf and the wrong colour, but the right style for the house. Most importantly we needed to paint this to match our home.

Supplies required:

* Exterior Paint

* Spray Paint

* Street Number/s

* Sand Paper

* Masking Tape

* Paint Brush


1. After purchasing our basic letter box we first gave it a good clean and a very light sand to rough up the surface. (Because we know that paint won’t stick without it )

2. The middle of the letter box was a galvanised steel and didn’t need painting so we removed it temporarily. As we intended to paint the stands (poles) first, we applied masking tape to the panels on the letterbox to prevent paint overspray.

3. Next we spray painted the letter box stands (poles), waited for it to dry, then applied a second coat.

4. Once dry, we removed the tape and used a brush to paint the panels in our exterior paint colour choice. Making sure to do several coats.

5. Once it was all dry, we re-attached the middle of the letterbox and put on our stick-on street numbers that we also brought from our local hardware store.

Now complete, our letterbox blends in rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Try it…you can complete this in an afternoon and I imagine that you will be happy with the difference such a simple change can make.

Good Luck,

Cheers, Talissa

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Here is the letter box before:

Here is the letter box after:

During the transformation:

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